Government TV

The Victorian government has spent $222,000 Australian on a television program promoting the attraction of living and working in areas outside the major metropolitan areas. The program, ''Changing Places: Life in Provincial Victoria,'' was broadcast on commercial television at Easter. "It's incredibly important to continue to demonstrate that provincial Victoria is a go-ahead place, that there's a lot of activity, that they are vibrant communities with job opportunities and great opportunities for kids through good education institutions," said Regional and Rural Development Minister Jacinta Allan. Reporter Paul Austin noted that a when Premier John Brumby was in opposition a decade ago, he complained about state government "advertising and self-promotion." Sponsored television programming is referred to by marketers as "branded entertainment."


I've read this blog for a while now, and sometimes there are interesting things, but sometimes there is just absolute rubbish.

The danger for you guys is you have set yourselves up as the policemen and the crusaders of the media, but who polices you? Who do you answer to when you publish rubbish?

"...But who polices you? Who do you answer to when you publish rubish?"

It could be you. Pledge them a few bucks per month, then threaten to cut it off if they publish something you don't like.

More seriously, how much potential to do harm do you think a small outfit like CMD actually has, should they get something wrong, compared with that of the powerful interests and institutions they report on?

Is there a specific example of where you think CMD has published "absolute rubbish"? If so, was a comment/email sent that was not responded to or addressed?

Dear WinstonSmithII,

I have two favourite websites: PRWatch and Holy mp3. And I can give you free advice... first stop rubbish that you write then clean your eyes full of rubbish and then come back and we'll continue and think again.