The Mercenaries Previously Known as Blackwater

First it was Blackwater USA. Then it was Blackwater Worldwide. Now, it's "Xe" (pronounced "Zee"). The private military company has repeatedly tried to re-brand, after numerous controversies from the killing of civilians in Nisoor Square in Baghdad; to its no-bid contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan and New Orleans, post-Katrina; to its hiring troops with ties to repressive regimes, like that of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. The company says its latest name change is meant to reflect a new focus. Blackwater / Xe spokesperson Anne Tyrrell said, "We've taken the company to a place where it is no longer accurately described as Blackwater." Its subsidiaries also have new names: Blackwater Airships is now Guardian Flight Systems, Blackwater Target Systems is GSD Manufacturing, and Blackwater Lodge and Training Center is the U.S. Training Center. The company has also shed its famous (or infamous) bear-paw and crosshairs logo. The new head of Blackwater / Xe, Gary Jackson, told employees, "Xe will be a one-stop shopping source for world class services in the fields of security, stability, aviation, training and logistics," reports the Wall Street Journal.


Saying that they are "rent-a-soldiers" from all around the globe shows how much you know. Most people that are contracted with blackwater and other privateering companies are former/current US special forces and/or MI. idiot.

I find the behavior of the Blackwater mercenaries to be criminal, and in my opinion, the company is liable for their actions.

I think with al-qaida knocking at our door steps, we need people like Blackwater, because they take care of them in Iraq and afghanistan, that way they dont come to our beautiful country

I find the actions of Blackwater atrocious. The fact that they are changing their name to change their images is laughable. Also, their utilization of no bid contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan degrades the health of the market by barring out other competitors. Not to mention ripping off the American tax payer.

You have to be aware that heroes are often used by people seeking power for reasons you and I would likely agree are not humanistic reasons. Thanks.

Their behavior is wrong and like anyone else they should be responsible for their actions. Not doing so is simple cowardly.

The solution is clear. America is a land of laws.

There should be a new law in America requiring companies that change their name for any reason, for example to "re-brand", to include all of their old names in all public notifications such as advertisements. If a company is acquired by another, the swallowed up company's name should also appear in subsequent public announcements. Perhaps a required time period of five years would be appropriate.

This way, for example, Firestone Tires simply can't change their name to Brimstone Tires in an effort to make their tires safe in the minds of their customers. They would have to give some kind of clear disclaimer: "We renamed our company from Firestone to Brimstone in an effort to re-brand our tire products" in all of their public announcements.

A mercenary company like "Xe" would then be required to clearly announce, for five years, that they were formerly Blackwater, and all of the negative and positive aspects of it would be preserved. In effect, they would have to delay their "re-branding" for five years.

Of course, company's lawyers will figure ways to circumvent this new law as they do all laws. But, after all, America *is* a land of laws.
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