One-sided View of Gaza Attacks Predominates in US Media

"In the usual process," writes Greg Mitchell, "the U.S. government -- and media here -- are playing down questions about whether Israel overreacted in its massive air strikes on Gaza, while the foreign press, and even Haaretz in Israel, carries more balanced accounts. The early reports on Sunday already reveal the bombing of a TV station and mosque and preparations for an invasion." Mitchell cites eyewitness accounts that describe morgues full of civilians, along with editorial stating that Israel's bombing of Gaza "within the span of a few hours ... sowed death and destruction on a scale that the Qassam rockets never approached in all their years."


Tel Aviv hawks don't want to remove the Hamas : they put it where it is and need it at their doorstep to remain in power.

What these guys want is to ignite a 3rd intifada, provoke a war with Hezbollah, win big Feb. 10, and get rid of moderates in Palestine, in the Muslim world, and furthermore in Israel.

Stephane MOT -
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I can't accuse Israel of overkill in their response to Hamas continued bombings on them.
When enough is enough, you must take strong enough measures to curtail bad behavior and hopefully turn it around. Hamas's bad behavior has led Israel to have to show them "how the cow ate the cabbage" and that Israel means business!

It is always unfortunate that collateral damage can cause death and harm to citizens of Palestine but urban fighting is tricky. America itself has used extreme measures to wake the enemy to the realization that their actions are unexceptable. . . . . Democratic societies must have the right to protect themselves and hit back harder than their enemies in my opinion. . . . .