Slow Learners

Like many others, New York Times journalist Larry Rohter describes former Greenpeace activist-turned-industry consultant Patrick Moore as "the co-chairman of the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, a pro-nuclear group." (Two weeks earlier, Rohter co-authored a blog post that used an identical description of Moore.) What Rohter doesn't mention is that the coalition is a front group funded by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). After referring to Moore, Rohter notes that NEI is broadly supportive of plans such as Republican Presidential candidate John McCain's commitment to build 45 new nuclear power stations. An announcement for an upcoming CNBC special on nuclear power makes a similar mistake. The announcement describes Moore as an "environmentalist" who "supports America's nuclear revival and tells CNBC why he's made this stunning about face." Maybe because that's what he's paid to do?


What sense does it make to question somebody's motives because of who's paying them? Don't you think this person had a choice to decide who he works for? Who is paying YOU and what does that say about YOUR motives? What about oft-quoted scientific research? Research only happens when somebody pays for it. Finally, consider this: NOBODY is paying me to rebut your nonsense.