Product Placement in the City

If producers anticipated that the new movie "Sex and the City" might be a marketing bonanza, it did not disappoint. Vanity Fair magazine sent two reporters to view the movie and count the number of promotional products that appeared on-screen, including any blatantly-mentioned brand names. The movie mentioned no fewer than 26 different clothing and accessory designers, eight stores and services, seven gadgets (including Carrie's Apple computer, an iPhone and a Blackberry), seven publications, seven drinks and snacks, five pharmacy products (like shampoo and moisturizer) and eight places or conveyances (like American Airlines, Mercedes-Benz and the Four Seasons Hotel). The movie in fact proved to be such a prominent vehicle for advertising that a New Line Cinema executive dubbed it the "Super Bowl for women."


Yet, the movie has done amazingly well at the box office. It is one big commercial, but the public seems to go for this sort of thing. I never watched more than 5 minutes of the show. I couldn't get into it or identify with any of the characters. I just don't get it. Then again, I never got American Idol or Dancing With the Stars Either. One more thing, I would be interested to know how much script was influenced by advertisers too!

i am absolutely agree with you the movie is really something i like both the film and the series . I also find interesting their topics about sex toys and sex in general they are great.

Yes there are a lot of products in the movie but i think that's fine. I think it's great too see who made those close and to see where they bought it. You know where they buy there stuff. And the movie is amazing. both of the movies are amazing! ofcourse is the serie wonderful as well!