Painting Bottled Water Green

Glass of water"Suppose, for example, that you own a company that sells bottled water," which is "shipped, in its little plastic bottles, ten thousand miles from the bottling plant to the consumer," writes Steve Burns. "Could you possibly 'brand' such a product as eco-friendly?" If the company is FIJI Water, you'll try. FIJI's new ad campaign, "every drop is green," calls the bottled water "carbon-negative," because of the carbon credits the company buys. To dismiss concerns about the sustainability of shipping bottled water around the world as the "food miles 'myth'," FIJI uses a study co-written by a New Zealand agribusiness representative. But, as Burns points out, "what choice do they have? If your entire brand identity is built around 'water from Fiji,' then the water has to come from Fiji, no matter the cost to the planet."