Less Cause, More Marketing for Unilever

Dove Product FinderIn 2004, the Unilever company Dove got lots of attention for using "ordinary-looking -- in some cases heavyset -- women in its ads for shampoos and beauty products. The ad and public-relations effort, called 'Campaign for Real Beauty,' created free publicity for the company." Now, Dove is "trying to create a new online community for women that offers entertainment, blogs, advice and advertising." The website was designed by the WPP firm Ogilvy, to "strengthen the link" between the Campaign's empowerment rhetoric "and Dove's line of products." To date, the Campaign's "marketing impact has been somewhat blunted by the fact that the social cause hasn't been linked directly to specific Dove products." Dove's new site will face competition from similar corporate-sponsored, woman-focused websites. Yahoo recently launched "Shine," designed to give "the struggling Internet company additional opportunities to sell advertising targeted to the key decision-maker in many households," reports AP. And Kraft has "uPumpItUp," a so-called "cause initiative for the Crystal Light brand."


I believe that the largest model they used was a size 12. That is hardly "heavyset," that is NORMAL!!!! Do you have any idea what young ladies trying to beat eating disorders think when they read that? I do because the school I teach at has a fashion major and there are many in such a situation! And many of those girls are inspired by the Dove campaign. It did some good whatever its true motive. I also like the older women and beauty campaign. Rock on Dove!!!