AAEI - How Democrats Took Over and Betrayed the Peace Movement

Matt Taibbi analyzes how "Democrats have surrendered to Bush on Iraq and betrayed the peace movement for their own political ends." He faults the MoveOn-led Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, "a political tool for the Democrats -- one operated from inside the Beltway and devoted primarily to targeting Republicans. ... At the forefront of the groups are Thomas Matzzie and Brad Woodhouse... [M]uch of the anti-war group's leadership hails from a consulting firm called Hildebrand Tewes -- whose partners Steve Hildebrand and Paul Tewes served as staffers for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. ... This is the kind of conflict of interest that would normally be an embarrassment in the activist community. ... The really tragic thing about the Democratic surrender on Iraq is that it's now all but guaranteed that the war will be off the table during the presidential campaign. Once again ... the Democrats have ... done nothing but vote for war and cough up every dime they've been asked to give, every step of the way." Besides MoveOn others in the AAEI coalition include Americans United for Change, Campaign for America's Future, Center for American Progress, SEIU, USAction, VoteVets.org, Win Without War and Working Assets. Both Hildebrand and Tewes are "senior strategists" for presidential candidate Barack Obama.


Your post is tantalizing, but a bit vague.

From whom did you hear that "the AAEI was going to channel the peace movement for the sake of the Dem party"?

Could you tell us more specifically how you worked to "crack rhe base of Republican support for the war"?

It's really too bad you didn't "target at least one Dem." Donna Edwards' unseating of Albert Wynn in the recent Maryland primary is very nice, but a few more like that would have been even nicer. The names Pelosi and Emanuel come to mind.

check out this information:


AAEI has birthed the new [[Tom Matzzie]]-run group [[Campaign to Defend America]], and has a new $20 Million Dollar campaign [[Iraq/Recession Campaign]] to attack Republicans. It's all basically the same Democratic Party money sources.