Oil Execs Continue to Motor Around U.S.

Ford smokesMedia activists in Grand Rapids, Michigan attended Shell Oil president John Hofmeister's recent talk there, on "How the US Can Ensure Energy Supply for the Future." Hofmeister "stated up front that he was on a 50 city tour and that Grand Rapids was number 45," according to Media Mouse. Hofmeister told the audience that there has been an "intolerant debate after Katrina" on energy issues, and that the goal of his local presentations is to "engage key audiences" and talk "to the American public about energy security." Hofmeister also met with Governor Jennifer Granholm in Lansing, and General Motors executives in Detroit, reported the Grand Rapids Press. During a local television interview, Hofmeister rejected the idea that he was in the oil industry: "We're in the mobility industry. ... We do bring fuels to the marketplace. Most of those fuels are today, and will continue to be, petroleum-based fuels. But we don't rule out bio-fuel." On October 25, Chevron CEO Dave O'Reilly will visit Los Angeles to speak about "Securing California's Energy Future."