Stauber 'On The Media' & Greenwashing

CMD's John Stauber is a guest this week on National Public Radio's nationally syndicated On The Media program. You can listen online by clicking here. Despite decades of deceptive PR by the oil, auto and coal industries, the public's perception is catching up to the scientific consensus that global climate change is real. The news media has rediscovered environmentalism, and corporate advertisers are greenwashing themselves like crazy, pandering to the public's concerns. In this five-minute radio interview Stauber takes aim at BP's "beyond petroleum" marketing campaign, and Coca-Cola Company's funneling of twenty million dollars to WWF in a mutually beneficial PR effort that masks Coke's abysmal environmental and social justice record.


and the comment posted there by "Dan" in Washington, D.C. is interesting. I'll bet a nickel he works on K Street. One may or may not be inclined to believe Stauber's assertions, but why would he "have to take umbrage" at them unless he had a horse in the race?

Well, if he only bet 5 cents he can't be all that sure of his nag can he? Perhaps all the recent heat waves are melting his self-assurance.

"Weight obsession is a social disease. If we cared more about CO2 than BMI there MIGHT still be time."