From Bank to Tank: Wolfowitz Lands Back at AEI

One of the architects of the war in Iraq for the Bush Administration and former World Bank President, Paul Wolfowitz, has landed a role as a Visiting Scholar at the conservative think tank, the American Enterprise Institute. The Washington Post notes "Wolfowitz has a long association with AEI, serving as an adviser before joining the Pentagon in 2001." Wolfowitz was one of the early founders of PNAC, the Project for the New American Century, itself closely tied to AEI. In March, the Washington Post revealed that Wolfowitz's partner, Shaha Riza, had been promoted in the World Bank before transferring to a public diplomacy role with Karen Hughes at the U.S. State Department. The discovery that Riza had landed a major pay raise as a result of Wolfowitz's intervention fueled protests by World Bank staff and eventually led to Wolfowitz's resignation. The AEI states that Wolfowitz will be working on "entrepreneurship and development issues, Africa, and public-private partnerships."