Another Nuclear Shill in Lamb's Clothing

Patrick Moore"Who is Professor Robert Boyden Lamb?" asks Corporate Crime Reporter. The New York University professor recently had a letter to the editor published in USA Today which stated, "The American public needs to get behind the nuclear power movement now." He's had similar pro-nuclear letters published by the Washington Times, The Hill and Business Week, all of which identify him only as "a professor at NYU's Stern School of Business." In response to repeated questions, NYU confirmed that "Professor Lamb does indeed consult with nuclear power industry related entities." Corporate Crime Reporter concludes that much of the newfound enthusiasm for nuclear power "originates from sources that are anything but disinterested. ... NYU Stern School of Business should demand that Professor Lamb publicly reveal all his ties to the nuclear industry. And that he stop writing promotional pieces for the industry" until he discloses his nuclear industry connections.