Mother's Day: A Great Hook for Fake News

Bridget Behe, from her earlier VNR

On behalf of Procter & Gamble, DeVries Public Relations is promoting a video news release (VNR) from MultiVu that uses Mother's Day to sell Vicks. How, you ask? The VNR features "celebrity stylist" Aly Scott, who says, "Vicks Baby Rub provides a soothing way to give your baby a massage, relax and calm both of you, and making an easier way for you to bond with your child." The accompanying press release is titled, "Make Every Day Mother's Day." The PR firm Medialink Worldwide has other Mother's Day-themed fake news. One VNR from defense contractor Honeywell proclaims, "Mother's Day 2007: The Stay-in-the-Car Mom Generation is Here." It uses "Mom expert" Stacy DeBroff to sell Honeywell's "Blink" cleaning products. Another VNR offers "Mother's Day Flowers Do's and Don'ts for Dads," on behalf of FlowrMD, starring "flower doctor" Bridget Behe (who you might remember from CMD's "Fake TV News" report). Lastly, there's an audio news release from the non-profit Ploughshares Fund, informing listeners that Julia Ward Howe founded Mother's Day as "a plea for peace." Will peace sell as well as flowers, wipes or Vicks?