New Participatory Project: Adding Examples of Greenwash to SourceWatch

In the last few weeks we have fielded inquiries from journalists around the world seeking recent local examples of greenwashing. Given that the article on greenwashing has ranked up amongst the top 50 articles in terms of the number of readers over the last few months, we figure it is time to add some recent case studies. So, if you have an example that springs to mind, here's your chance to add it to our collection. If you haven't already registered as a SourceWatch contributor, you should register here. And if you have never made an entry in SourceWatch it would be worth having a quick look at this orientation page. We are aiming to add global examples as well as case studies from Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and the US. (If you have an example from elsewhere add it here and a more appropriate page can be created if necessary). Ideally each example should include at least a brief description of the company/organization, their claims and what evidence there is that it is greenwashing (with appropriate web references). If you don't have time to write an example up yourself but would like to nominate one to be followed up by others, you could just post a quick note here and other SourceWatch editors may be able to follow up on your tip.