The National Press Club Defends the Press and Subpoenaed Reporters

Add the National Press Club to a growing list of journalists fighting back against military harassment of the press. In a news release, "The National Press Club today announced its opposition to the U.S. Army's subpoenas of Oakland, CA, freelance journalist Sarah Olson and Honolulu Star Bulletin reporter Gregg Kakesako. The subpoenas call for the reporters to testify at the Feb. 5 court martial of Army Lt. Ehren Watada, who refused to deploy to Iraq and made several disparaging remarks about the conduct of the war. A petition calling for the dismissal of the subpoena has been posted at Defend The Press and a link to the petition can be found from the NPC Home page. 'The National Press Club vehemently opposes any effort to subpoena reporters over their work,' said NPC President Jerry Zremski, Washington bureau chief for The Buffalo News. 'Subpoenaing reporters in an effort to make the prosecution's case -- particularly when the charge involves free speech issues -- is abhorrent and grossly perverts the foundation of press freedom this nation is built on.' "