No Space for Reality Ads

Animals Australia Pork Ad
Animals Australia advertisement

Plans by the non-profit group, Animals Australia, to run full colour advertisements in major magazines highlighting cruelty to factory-farmed pigs received a setback when several publications refused to accept the ads. One ad, titled Traumatised Suckling Piglet with Severed Tail, states "within the first week of its life, surgically mutilate piglet. Snip off tail and cut eye teeth without administering pain relief. Ignore screams. Forcibly remove from mother after 3 to 4 weeks and stuff into crowded pen. Marinate indoors for entire life. Serves 4." Some magazines, such as Australian Women's Weekly, accepted the ads. However, the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Weekend Magazine, which is known for its strong editorial feature articles, refused to accept the ads on the grounds that they are inappropriate and denied it was in response to any advertiser influence. Last weekend's edition of the magazine featured two double-page, full-colour advertisements promoting the health benefits of red meat consumption.