Product Placement Picking Up Steam

IPod MiniProduct placement in movies and on television is expected to triple by the end of the decade according to a report issued by PQ Media. The market, estimated as worth $2.21bn (£1.2bn) in 2005, is projected to reach $7.6bn (£4bn) by 2010, with TV dramas, sports broadcasts and reality shows the most popular venues. The U.S. is the largest market for product placement, with Brazil and Australia coming in second and third thanks to lax restrictions. France ranks fourth due to placements in its sizeable film output, and Japan rounds out the top five. Currently product placement is banned on television in the European Union, but there are efforts underway to loosen those restrictions. Consumer advocate groups like The European Consumers' Organization want a total ban on product placement instead of the EU Commission's suggestion that the ban affect only children's shows and news programs.