Bull Goes To China Shop

"A high-caliber, multinational and multifunctional team" is how Yahoo's Stephen Davis, senior manager of international PR, describes their new PR firm, Porter Novelli. Given Yahoo's recent record in China, the "high-caliber" metaphor may ring especially true for three Chinese internet users whose addresses are now c/o China Department of Prisons. Yahoo announced the new PR relationship in a mid-April email. A few days later, Reporters Without Borders, a U.S. government-supported nonprofit, announced that Jiang Lijun is the third Chinese activist whose identity was provided to the authorities by Yahoo's Chinese subsidiaries, alongside Shi Tao and Li Zhi. "Little by little we are piecing together the evidence...that Yahoo! is implicated in the arrest of most of the people that we have been defending," according to the Reporters Without Borders statement.