Fast Food Feeding Frenzy

"McDonald's marketing generals have convened a war council and are hatching a strategy to combat a new attack," reports Advertising Age. The "threat" they face is journalist and author Eric Schlosser. A movie based on Schlosser's 2001 best-seller "Fast Food Nation" comes out later this year, as will his new book, which is aimed at younger readers, "Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food." McDonald's is "worried about a backlash," reports AdAge. The fast food giant has "told franchisees that its communications will play up the company's menu variety, new products, and community involvement to remind consumers of the chain's more admirable activities." The company is also involving "public relations, marketing, legal and advertising and PR agencies" in an "action plan to combat the obesity and trust issues that the Schlosser projects could raise to another level." Schlosser told AdAge that he's also "been attacked by people from the National Restaurant Association and the Center for Consumer Freedom."