Toxic Sludge, Soda and Beer Are All Good for You!

After a survey found that only 10 percent of respondents rated PepsiCo as a company that was "concerned with my health," the soft drink company is launching "a new advertising campaign for its 'Smart Spot' products." Pepsi rates more than 200 of its products as healthier, "Smart Spot" foods, including diet soda and baked potato chips. Pepsi will also launch a pilot project, called "Perfect Storm," later this year, "in a major U.S. city with a significant population of both African-Americans and Latinos." It's targeting "urban youth and 'ethnic gatekeepers'" because "Smart Spot" marketing doesn't "always resonate with minorities." Similarly, Advertising Age reports that Anheuser-Busch is considering a new marketing campaign, that "beer is good for you." Busch's Bob Lachky said, "We will work hard to give the platform to independent third-party experts who confirm that moderate drinking of any alcohol can be better than abstinence for most adults."


More on this Perfect Storm in The Dallas News.
PepsiCo already partnered with the "National Urban League, the National Council of La Raza and the fitness organization America On the Move Foundation to get its healthy lifestyles message out to African-American and Latino consumers".
PepsiCo can claim 70% of their sales come from healthy food, they are the one who put the label. I'm not sure soda, even diet, and potato chips, even baked, are that healthy.
The smart spot remains the company headquarters : Purchase, NY.
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