Weapons of Mass Deception - The Movie

Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber, co-authors of the Center's 2003 book Weapons of Mass Deception, appear in filmmaker Danny Schechter's latest movie of the same title, but the movie is completely the creation of Schechter. A review on the Portland Independent Media website asks "what do you get when you cross relaxed media ownership laws, the military industrial complex, and public opinion? Weapons of Mass Deception. Insider turned outsider Danny Schechter makes his case in this expose of the mainstream media's 'fuzzy' coverage of the run-up to war. He shows us how with a little marketing, there's a sucker born every minute. If I only had a brain. The market makers, the PR firms, the embedded journalists, the 'fuzzy' coverage, the spin, and yes, even the lies...it's all in there. ... Schechter shows you how pseudo-patriotism, lack of 'guts', and trying to 'sell it', got in the way of delivering an important message...the entire truth." You can hear an interview with Schechter on Democracy Now.