We Confuse, You Decide

Women seeking abortions in Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana and Kansas are told that "abortion can increase their risk of breast cancer," and "legislation to require such notification has been introduced in 14 other states." But "a panel of scientists convened by the National Cancer Institute reviewed available data and concluded there is no link. A scientific review in the Lancet, a British medical journal, came to the same conclusion, questioning the methodology in a few studies that have suggested a link." A Kansas Health Department spokesperson defended their practice, saying that women "can do further research on their own" to sort out opposing claims.


Soooo . . . Kansas Health Dept., do you also inform parents that the innoculations that you are giving their babies contains mercury and may cause autism, or that the aspirin you are giving them may cause internal bleeding, or that the high blood pressure meds you are giving can cause strokes, heart attacks and diabetes. Do you also inform your prospective abortion patient that by not having any children that they can expect to live 10 years longer. Did you also tell your prospective patient that the increase in breast cancer is not actually from the abortion, that it is possibly from never having breast fed. So while you are researching that, do some research on the sad facts of children brought up in homes where they are not wanted. Shame on you for wishing that on a child.