Anti-Feminist Group Hired to Train Iraqi Women

The Feminist Majority Foundation has objected to the U.S. Department of State's decision to award part of a $10 million grant to an anti-feminist group, the Independent Women's Forum for "leadership training, democracy education and coalition building assistance" to women in Iraq. The IWF, which was created initially to defend Clarence Thomas against charges of sexual harassment during his U.S. Supreme Court nomination hearings, says that its mission is to counter "the dangerous influence of radical feminism.


If anyone knows how I can address the issues of both cases and get results:


The reason I'm emailing you is back in 1988. I had lost a baby through medical malpractice that went without any reconition. I never got a burial for my baby. My rights as a parent was taken. This baby I lost was a twin. And during the pregnancy there weren't any awareness. In the 4th month there was an acknowledgement of two heartbeats. But when the physician I had from my hometown went to check again there weren't any clearification. The second time around. So this happens to be part of the problem over the whole matter that I had experience along with my family-illness being involved. I never got any justice because of how my baby's death went down. Her death was caused by a vacuum extraction. That was placed on my other daughter that had survived. I recently learned this procedure is very dangerous to the newborn. I know in my heart the pressure from this procedure (suction cup-vacuum extraction)was too much on my other baby. Me and my daughter that was the twin left this place sick. And I have a rare blood type and because of what went down I almost lost my other baby I had in the next pregnany in 1990(she's same blood type as mine). This same place told my physician from my hometown to tell me go home and put my feet up. When I was hemmoraging. This phyisician was very upset with this place. But they kept sending me there for delivery. Well I have a sibling that was never good to me growing up and now. This sibling is going around spreading lies about my baby's death. And making remarks about me not getting the opportunity of burying my baby. Saying if I lost a baby then why didn't I get the burial for my baby. My baby was carried away on a dust pan by a nurse. The nurse had called my baby a blood clot. When I happened to know my baby was under her own placenta. I had seen two of her fingers. But this sibling now is lieing saying I had said I saw her whole hand. When I never had said this. This sibling is claiming she was there when I lost my baby. Which I have proof a witness the baby's dad knowing he was the last one to leave. And does acknowledge that I had went back in labor. Shortly after this sibling and my mother had left. The baby's dad regrets leaving when I happened to go back in labor. But this sibling is claiming that I never lost a baby. When she was no where around. And now she is telling everyone that I amagined my baby's death. And that I'm mentally ill. Comparing me to the real life story "It's a beautiful mind"- staring russell crowe. Back in 1985 I had an early miscarriage. Caused by a pregnancy prevention form that a company had made. This procedure allowed women to get pregnant when it wasn't suppost to. And caused them to miscarry. The company was sued and the product is off the shelf now. I hear today they are using this form for abortions. From what I hear now anyway. But this sibling spread lies about that pregnancy also. Is there anything I'm able to do? These slandering lies are disrupting my life. And is building a wedge between my relationship with others. Including my son that was born in 1987. This sibling now has my son believing all her lies! I've tried to get my family away from this woman. But she has a big influence on my family and others. I hear my mother is involved with these lies. She defends this sibling alot. And participates also. My mother has done this my whole life. And my dad defends my mother if you approach her. These people have made a false statement to the welfare in 1993. And I was told this had became my mothers idea. She had done something similar to my other sister. So I believe what I had heard. I heard my son was being coached to be taped. Over my ex when I was involved with him at the time. Stating he was abusive to my son. And I had received a horrible letter also from this sibling based over my parenting skills. At this time she was verbally attacking me in the letter and when I'd run into her also (verbally attacking me). And once she tried to attack me physically over me asking her in a letter what did I do. These people have had alot of influences over my companionship. And this sibling would run my reputation down. And claim she was innocent(like a hallo image). She'd be calling me slut without saying the word. But she had numerous of relationships in her past. And I wouldn't say anything about her. I do speak about it now by her judging me, me wondering why. She has always wanted to play the (fake) good samaritian hero image. And if she's not a witness by her presents then she'd say this never took place. And this is when she'd win others over. Once during my marriage to my ex now. My mother knew we were having problems so she had arranged a date. And told this guy this was ok we were having marital problems. And told him he could bring me gifts. But these people claim they never did anything wrong. And I'm getting accused of being mean toward my mother. When I choose to not be their target me moving away. I tried to explain to them I'm not a door mat. Or a target practice.I'm unable to get anything accomplished over my baby's death. These people keeps saying my baby was flushed. This sibling had slipped up recently and said " Or we would've have never let anyone just dispose of it". Referring to the baby I lost. And this conversation to this sibling was about wondering if these people were contacted by the hospital on phone after they had left the hospital. My baby is referred as an it by these people. And I keep hearing from the sibling "This would've been my neice or nephew if you lost a baby". Likerred as an it by these people. And I keep hearing from the sibling "This would've been my neice or nephew if you lost a baby". Like she is saying this claiming my baby didn't exist and knowing this is affensive. Over the comment about the dispose I feel this comment wasn't suppost to of been made to me. These people had left this hospital because this was way early in the morning and they wanted to get home and see their husbands off to work and to get some rest. The labor pains I experienced again took place after they left and the nurses kept saying I was having after pains. And I addressed the matter of this feeling like labor again. I was correct but I also was ignored. I'm unable to get anything done because of hidden evidences. Now my records cannot be found. And dealing with it being a tramatic ordeal I had blocked this out for a period of time. Until one day I was talking to a friend and this is when this all came back to me. Like reliving it all over again. And now I'm hearing the statue of limitation has ran out. Some changes in the law seriously needs to be made. I have tried everything you can think of. I've contacted the DHS-Health department. They'd have me running back and forth through contacting them. I've contacted the congressmens-senators-supreme court-lawyers. I've even contacted one's in washington D.C. But I keep hearing about the statue of law from others. And this whole matter becomes dismissed. Now the congressmens and the senators have responded by saying they will discuss this whole matter over the medical department. But we need results really bad!!!!! The sibling that is abusive has put me in harms way of being molested when we were little. Like I was used as a guinee pig to spare her from anymore harm being placed upon her. Because she was experiencing this same abuse over being molested. I'd get hit by her and she'd call me names and would have others to participate. And my parents especially my mother would defend this sibling. When we were teens I went to ride her horse with her. I had talked her into it. And she became angry. But I never thought she'd go this far. She knew I was about to fall off the horse. I kept telling her I was about to fall off. So she made this horse go faster so I'd get knocked off. And that's exactly what happened. This woman goes around making me look like the one that's being unreasonable. I tried to move away from all of this. But it's like she follows me by telling my kids her lies. And her telling other family members and friends lies. She's even went up to strangers telling them lies about my babies death. And pretending I'm a horrible person. Her lies over my babies death is what is hurting me the most. Some changes in the medical field needs to be done. This is still murder when they committ a crime and don't face up to the choices they've made. Even if an individual holds a certificate. That's only a peice of paper without the medical intelligence behind this medical degree. And everyone needs to know sibling abuse does "very much exist"!! And so does these phyicians/nurses that can cause bodily harm!! What can I do over the mental anguish I'm experiences? If your able to help in anyway I'd appreciate this so much. And I know this can prevent future pain for others.

Thank you,

Karen Johnson

This is all child abuse (sibling abuse) what I experienced growing up and today. And what happened to the baby I lost was child abuse!!

website over my songs written and one for the baby I lost. Inspired over my loss but for all grieving parents.