Secret Justice

After nearly three years of confinement at Guantanamo Bay, Australian national David Hicks goes on trial for alleged terrorism before a U.S. military court. "There'll be no pictures allowed of David Hicks, no audio from the courtroom, no pictures of the defence, prosecution or presiding officer entering the building, and military camera operators will choose what images are broadcast via closed circuit television to most journalists covering the hearing," reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. According to reporter Leigh Sales, some of the restrictions on press coverage "are bizarre and have no parallel. For example, journalists in the courtroom can't use phone lines to file stories during breaks in the proceedings. If you get up to go to the toilet, you are then barred from the courtroom for the rest of the day. ... Another restriction here, is that no sound or pictures whatsoever will be taken of the military commissions, even though they're one of the most important legal aspects of the Bush administration's war on terrorism, and the first proceedings of this kind since the Second World War."