SLICK - The Novel

Check out the new book SLICK by first-time novelist Daniel Price. SLICK's anti-hero protagonist, Scott Singer, works "in the field of perception management, although the less colorful term is 'media manipulation.' We're the CIA of PR, the sublime little gremlins who live just outside your senses, selling you products and concepts without you even knowing. ... I've conspired with the gun people, schemed with the liquor people, toiled for tobacco, and moiled for Monsanto. I've pushed polluters and promoted porn. I've shilled for Shell and lied for Tide. I've helped a major pharmaceutical company sell a drug that does nothing by promoting a disease that doesn't exist. And that's just the old stuff on my resume." Daniel Price is both a brilliant novelist and a sharp media critic who also publishes, a website "dedicated to analyzing the tricks, kinks and quirks of America's corporate news media."