'NRA News' Seeks to Pistol-Whip McCain/Feingold Law

"In a direct challenge to federal
limits on political advocacy, the National Rifle
Association plans to begin broadcasting a daily radio
program on Thursday to provide news and pro-gun commentary
to 400,000 listeners. The group says its jump into broadcasting with its program,
'NRANews,' means that it should be viewed as a media
organization that does not have to abide by provisions of a
sweeping campaign finance law from 2002. That law stops
organizations from using unregulated 'soft' money to buy
political advertising that directly attacks or praises
federal candidates in the weeks before federal elections
and primaries."

The N.R.A. says its three-hour program constitutes news and
commentary, not advertising. As a result, when other
advocacy groups are required to stop running political
commercials, "NRANews" intends to continue broadcasting its
reporting and commentary against politicians who favor gun
control to Nov. 2.