"Stop Michael Moore" Campaign a GOP Front

"So desperate are Bush Republicans to kill Michael Moore's latest
film, Fahrenheit 9/11, they have hired a public relations firm to
set up a web site attacking Moore," the Alternative Press Review writes. "The site,
MoveAmericaForward.com, claims to be 'non-partisan,' but a glance
at the 'About' page of the site reveals the director and staff of
Move America Forward are all diehard Republicans, anti-tax
activists, and former legislative staffers. The PR firm is Russo
Marsh & Rogers
. Thanks to the detective work of WhatReallyHappened.com, it was
revealed that Move America Forward's web site was registered in
the name of Russo Marsh & Rogers. ... In short, Move America
Forward's campaign is a Republican dirty trick designed to smear
Moore and pressure move theater owners not to run his film." Meanwhile, Moore has hired Democratic political strategists Mark Fabiani and Chris Lehane "to fire off rapid responses to the conservative attacks," according to Salon.com.