Less Punk Than You

Punk Voter is "a coalition of over 130 bands and about 30 independent record labels" seeking to register and mobilize punk rock fans for the 2004 U.S. presidential election. But will the effort "serve to strengthen the very political system that punk has made its reputation attacking?" Scott Evans would say yes. He writes: "Last March [political punk band] Propagandhi withdrew from Punk Voter's Rock Against Bush Vol. 1 compilation after [Punk Voter founder Mike] Burkett requested that they remove a jab at billionaire George Soros from their song contribution. ... Although he acknowledged that Soros was involved in selling weapons of war and had 'screwed a bunch of countries to make his money', Burkett also noted Soros was bankrolling 'many great organizations such as MoveOn.org and America Coming Together, and these organizations help support us.'"