Brand Name: "War President"

How is Bush-Cheney '04 like a marketing campaign? "In 2000, Mr. Bush shattered fund-raising records... by recruiting supporters to join a program called the Pioneers, fund-raisers who pledged to raise at least $100,000. This year, the campaign is broadening its reach by going for both higher-end and lower-end targets, just as marketers launch new products to capture different slices of the market." These include "Rangers" (who raise $200,000), "Super Rangers" ($300,000), and "Mavericks" ($50,000), younger donors "heretofore dismissed as being insufficiently rich or politically active." Since the Federal Election Commission decided not to regulate groups separate from but aligned with political parties, the GOP is establishing "527 groups" to counter liberal 527s like or The Media Fund, with the help of PR pro Craig Shirley, original "Pioneer" James Francis, Jr., and direct mail specialist Tom Synhorst.