Why AARP Sold Out Seniors

Last year, as the debate over a Medicare prescription-drug bill heated up, the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP) sided with the Republican plan, which marked a major step toward the party's goal of privatizing Medicare and decimating employer-based health coverage. Why did AARP support the plan, which will cause millions of seniors to lose more generous employer and state-coordinated drug benefits while providing only limited help to others? Barbara T. Dreyfuss looks at the role played by William Novelli, who went from heading the Porter-Novelli PR firm to heading the AARP, thanks in part to conservative agitator Grover Norquist, whose "K Street Project" worked to help get him the job.


I am canceling all my business with AARP.I'm canceling my Auto, Life and Health insurance I have through AARP. Seniors have been sold out to Obuma, Pissoci, and Dingey Harry... I'm sure if you took a vote of the AARPmembers then you would see that 75-80% do not want a pig in a poke.

Evey time you get mail from AARP, be sure to mail something back in their "no-postage necessary" envelop. I generally add a comment to let them know that I am replying to them specifically to waste their money and time. If we all did this, it would add up to some real money - not to mention the time it would take their employees to open the envelop and read our comments.