Would You Like Fries With That?

Low-carb diets, the demise of the McDonald's Supersize menu, and even mad cow disease have hurt the market for potatoes, so spud growers are fighting back. "The National Potato Promotion Board (NPPB) recently launched a $4.5 million campaign that mixes print advertising, public relations and partnerships with weight-loss groups to educate consumers about the healthy benefits of potatoes," reports the Associated Press. According to NPPB president Tim O'Connor, "There's nothing anyone can do about McDonald's deciding to eliminate its Supersize. ... But addressing the bottom line with consumers about the positive attributes that potatoes contribute to their daily diet is really critical to increasing consumers' consumption." Plans include hiring fitness maven Denise Austin as a spokeswoman and getting her to put recipes featuring potatoes in her future books. (No word yet on whether Dan Quayle has been approached.)