Counter-Attack of the Killer Clowns

As the anti-fast food documentary "Super Size Me" hits theaters, McDonald's is fighting back. "We're responding aggressively because the film is a gross misrepresentation," said a company spokesperson. Helping defend McDonald's are "global nutritionist" Cathy Kapica and the corporate-funded American Council on Science and Health. According to PR Week, ACSH's "aggressive independent third-party response" includes editorials on Tech Central Station, a website published by Republican lobbyists. Also under attack is Coca-Cola, for alleged "complicity in gross human rights violations" in Colombia, reports O'Dwyer's PR Daily. "We plan to destroy the image of Coca-Cola, for which it has spent millions to cultivate," said the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke's director. To "get the facts to all concerned parties," the soft drink giant launched and -- the latter to "capture" people seeking the Campaign's website,