Schwarzenegger's More Feminist Side

PR Week's Douglas Quenqua asks: "Of the three men honored by a women's-empowerment group in Los Angeles last week for their 'support and advocacy of the issues that are important to women,' how many... have publicly mused over his great fortune at getting to stick a woman's face in the toilet?" If you guessed just one - named Arnold Schwarzenegger - you're correct. The W.O.M.E.N group (Women Organized for Mentoring, Education and Networking) honored the Governator for "his promotion of after-school programs." According to a spokesperson, the group had "no discussion" of the more than a dozen sexual harassment charges and at least one pending lawsuit leveled against Schwarzenegger. Quenqua wonders: "Did the muscle man exert some influence... to get rubbed the right way, PR-wise?"