Log Cabin Republicans Come Out Against Bush's Marriage Amendment

"Witeck-Combs Communications is helping the Log Cabin Republicans, a band of GOP members who support gay rights, with a wide-reaching PR and ad campaign to fight their own party on a constitutional amendment which would ban gay marriage," O'Dwyer's PR Daily reports. "The Log Cabiners will kick off a $1 million ad campaign -- the first ad blitz in the group's 27-years -- March 11 across the Washington, D.C., area and several swing states like Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin. The overall campaign begins today with lobbying and PR efforts in D.C., along with grassroots work and the revamp of the group's website, logcabin.org. A print ad campaign is also planned. Colleen Dermody, VP at W-C, said her firm has specialized in gay and lesbian marketing and PR work, advising companies like IBM and Ford on issues related to that group. She noted that W-C has generally been associated with left-of-center groups in the past and the current work for the Log Cabiners is its first for that group."