San Francisco Wedding Bells Score PR Points

"[San Francisco] Mayor Gavin Newsom's (D) decision to allow same-sex marriages has been hailed by many as courageous, while still derided by others as shocking. Yet many agree that the decision, and the resulting media coverage, was a brilliant PR move by those wishing to force a public debate on this contentious issue," PR Week writes. LGBT advocates say they're pleased with the mayor's decision and the resulting media attention, which boosted several gay-rights groups' Valentine's Day campaigns. The move also impressed political watchers. "I think it's one of the best political and public relations moves of the new administration, and will be looked back upon in history as a significant moment in the gay rights movement," Sam Singer, president of San Francisco-based Singer Associates, told PR Week. "This is a key issue that resonates with one of the leading constituencies in San Francisco."