Thought Crime in New Mexico

Several high school teachers in New Mexico have been suspended or fired after refusing to enforce pro-war views in their classrooms. Geoff Barrett, a teacher at Albuquerque's Highland High School, was suspended after refusing to remove student-made artwork expressing views on the recent U.S. war against Iraq. The artwork included both pro- and antiwar views, but he was advised that the "pro-war" posters were not "pro-war enough." Bill Nevins of Rio Rancho High School lost his job and a poetry team that he advised has been disbanded after one of his students read an anti-war poem over the school's PA system. Several other teachers have been suspended after refusing to remove anti-war posters from their classrooms. "Meanwhile, pro-war, militaristic signs, posters and bumper stickers abound at many Albuquerque and Rio Rancho schools," note Eric Haas and Jama Fisk.