Censorship Becomes Publicity for Emma Goldman Project

Front page attention in the New York Times is priceless publicity. Heavy-handed censorship at UC Berkeley has backfired, landing a fundraising appeal by the school's Emma Goldman Papers Project on the Times front page. "Goldman died in 1940, more than two decades after being
deported to Russia with other anarchists in the United
States who opposed World War I. Now her words are the
source of deep consternation once again, this time at the
University of California, which has housed Goldman's papers
for the past 23 years. In an unusual showdown over freedom of expression,
university officials have refused to allow a fund-raising
appeal for the Emma Goldman Papers Project to be mailed
because it quoted Goldman on the subjects of suppression of
free speech and her opposition to war. The university
deemed the topics too political as the country prepares for
possible military action against Iraq."