Lobbyism 101 - How to Get Rich in Politics

When voters elect a Representative they also are frequently launching the education and career of a future corporate lobbyist. Don't pity the retired or (rarely) defeated incumbent because their truly lucrative political career just begins when they join the ranks of millionaire lobbyists. "Dick
Armey, the departing House majority leader, summarized the
situation in his usual succinct style when he was asked on
Friday how much money he would be making in his new job
starting this week at Piper Rudnick, a law firm with a
large lobbying operation. 'I don't anticipate going hungry,' Mr. Armey replied. ... 'You go from the grovelee to the groveler, [former Representative Robert L. Livingston] said. "It takes a psychological adjustment, but there are
compensations.' ... Why do companies like ChevronTexaco , Oracle and Northrop
Grumman pay Mr. Livingston fees that are typically $10,000
to $30,000 a month? ... 'When he calls up, people don't say, `Bob who?' ' said Ken
Johnson, the spokesman for the energy committee, of Mr.
Livingston. 'He's known and respected by a lot of people.
He opens a lot of doors.' "