Saudi PR/Lobby Firms Dodging Congressional Subpoenas

O'Dwyer's reports that top PR and lobby firms for the Saudis are dodging subpoenas from the Congressional Committee on Government Reform. Says the O'Dwyer website (now only accessible by subscription, but well worth the fee), "Michael Petruzzello, head of Qorvis Communicatins and Jack Deschauer of Patton Boggs, were not found at their offices or homes by U.S. Marshals, according to The New York Sun. A lawyer for Jamie Gallagher of the Gallagher Group stalled Congressional staffers until too late in the day for agents to serve a subpoena, reports The New York Post. The firms have claimed their documents are privileged under the Vienna Convention on Consular Records. Representative Burton (R-Ind.) is investigating cases of children born of mixed U.S./Saudi parents who were allegedly kidnapped to Saudi Arabia."