Mall Developer's Ohio Front Group Exposed in the Press

"A mall (development) war ... has heated up after one developer secretly launched a hard-hitting public relations strike against a competitor, warning that the rival's plan could lead to traffic gridlock and adult businesses. ... After The Cincinnati Enquirer obtained a plan that outlined part of the campaign, David Kass, Continental Retail Development's president, admitted Wednesday to unleashing it against (competitor) Steiner. But he said it was a legal effort similar to development campaigns elsewhere in the country. ... 'We're coming clean,' Mr. Kass said in a phone interview from Columbus, after initially denying involvement in the campaign. ... Since the weekend, Continental has had thousands of brochures mailed to homes while pollsters called citizens asking for their input ... . An Internet site also was launched Wednesday; all of the activities have been done in the name a group called 'West Chester Watch.' That group, Mr. Kass conceded Wednesday, is mostly Continental."