Berman Sees Anti-Meat Conspirators at Wall St. Journal

Tobacco, booze and food lobbyist Rick Berman has mastered the art of lining his own pockets running his non-profit industry-funded front groups . And now there he goes again, attacking us for a quote of John Stauber's in a recent Wall Street Journal article on the mad deer epidemic . Berman is the master of the smear campaign and constantly misrepresents the individuals and groups he attacks. He imagines a giant conspiracy of anti-meat eco-terrorists dedicated to frightening the public into vegetarianism. (Apparently now the Wall Street Journal is part of Berman's conspiracy fantasies.) Contrary to Berman's false statements, we have never claimed that British mad cow disease exists in the US. What we have shown in our book Mad Cow USA is that strains of mad cow-type disease are in US deer and elk, sheep, and suspected in pigs and cattle. Furthermore, the dangerous ongoing practice of feeding billions of pounds of slaughterhouse waste back to livestock risks spreading such diseases through livestock to people. Mad Cow USA is available as a free dowload.