Bob Dole Lobbies For Malawi

Former Senate Majority Leader and Presidential candidate Bob Dole is lobbying for Malawi reports O'Dwyer's PR Daily. "His firm, Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand, is receiving $300,000 in annual fees from the country, where the average life expectancy is 37 years for both men and women. Malawi's ten million people face an HIV/AIDS epidemic, deforestation and erosion among other problems. VLBM&H's contract calls for it to promote a 'greater and deeper appreciation and recognition in the USA of Malawi's role as a friend and economic partner of the USA.' It will work 'diligently to secure USA businesses and individuals to invest in and visit Malawi and purchase Malawian goods and services at favorable prices.' Malawi's agricultural-based economy is driven by the growth of tobacco, sugar, tea, corn and cassava," O'Dwyer's reports.