Media Silent On Israeli Raids Of News Organizations

Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now reports: "Yesterday [Monday], Democracy Now saw a CNN news zipper announcing that the Ramallah offices of CNN, Fox and other networks had been raided by the Israeli military. It also said that the news organizations had been told to run their reports by the Israeli authorities. But after scouring the internet and wires last night, we could find no other reports of this, aside from a sentence buried in a CNN story confirming that 'Israeli forces raided the offices of several news organizations and one U.S. aid organization Monday, using gunfire and explosives to enter the buildings.' The CNN story made no mention of having to clear reports with the Israeli authorities. But the Boston Globe reports this morning that Israel is considering litigation against news organizations that do not comply with its restrictions. An Associated Press report today says Israel's military censor has ordered 'significant deletions.' ... At least 20 journalists have come under Israeli fire since the most recent offensive began March 29, according to the Paris-based watchdog group Reporters Without Borders. Five journalists have been wounded, including one U.S. reporter, Anthony Shadid of the Boston Globe."