Helping Oppressed Corporations Fight the Mighty Activists

Nick Nichols, CEO of the Washington, D.C.-based Nichols-Dezenhall Communications Management Group, Ltd., has a book out titled Rules for Corporate Warriors: How to Fight and Survive Attack Group Shakedowns, which purports to offer advice for the once-proud corporations hunted into near-extinction by the overwhelming power of left-wing activists and their allies in the anti-corporate media. PR strategies for dealing with activists tend to fall into either the "good cop" or the "bad cop" category, and Nichols is definitely in the "bad cop" camp, advising clients that activists are evil and must be ruthlessly crushed. If you want to see a sample of his advice and don't want to shell out $25 for the book, check out our free download of the presentation he gave recently to the National Pork Producers, in which he quoted the philosophy of Al Capone: "You can get more with a smile, a kind word and a gun than with a smile and a kind word."