Cockfighters Fight Back With PR

While cockfighting is only legal in three states -- New Mexico, Louisiana, and Oklahoma -- interstate shipment of gamecocks is still allowed. However federal lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have been trying to pass legislation that "could put breeders out of business and cramp cockfighting everywhere," according to the Wall Street Journal. But not to worry, the cock breeders are "fighting back in the time-honored American way -- with public relations and politics." They have formed a 1,000-member trade organization and political-action committee -- the American Animal Husbandry Coalition -- and have hired their own $8,000-a-month registered lobbyist, former Republican senator Steve Symms. The three-year-old organization's activities include flooding congressional offices with phone calls and e-mails, networking, and hosting chicken shows and auctions around the country. Apparently the Wall Street Journal doesn't mind joining the pro-cockfighting blitz, especially when it gives them an opportunity to bash Hillary Clinton. In August, WSJ columnist Kimberley Strassel attacked Clinton for "sticking her beak in where it isn't wanted" after she signed on to anti-cockfighting legislation authored by Republican senator Wayne Allard.