Protesters Peacefully Gather in DOA Secretary Mike Huebsch's Office

Pilar Schiavo leads a march from Walkerville to the DOADozens of Walkerville activists marched from the Wisconsin state Capitol to Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) Secretary Mike Huebsch's offices at noon on Wednesday, June 15, to protest the former GOP state representative's archaic Capitol security measures.

CMD learned while examining the drafting files at the Legislative Reference Bureau that Huebsch's DOA gave the drafting orders for the collective bargaining section of the budget bill. Huebsch's top political appointee, Cynthia Archer, served as a top aide to Scott Walker when he was Milwaukee County Executive.

The group roared "Who's House? Our House!" as they entered the Department of Administration building on East Wilson Street. Protesters weren't able to schedule a meeting with Huebsch -– considered by many to be Governor Scott Walker's top ally, and the architect of his 2011-2012 budget –- but still managed to hang "unWANTED: Mike Huebsch" signs in his personal office and throughout the building.

Pilar Schiavo, an activist with the People's Rights Campaign and Nurses United, led the peaceful procession. She stressed the danger of overlooking Huebsch's involvement with Governor Walker's anti-middle class agenda, and the need to repel his efforts to crush "the public's right to assemble."

"We feel like it's important to pull Mike Huebsch out of the shadows. He's really been responsible for the shutting down democracy within the capitol, and he's had his hand in creating the budget," said Schiavo.

Protestors hang signs inside the Wisconsin Department of AdminsitrationOne protester taped an "unWANTED" sign, which read "Suspect is believed to be dangerous and armed with the unlawful eviction of The People from the Capitol" to Huebsch's desk chair. With protesters still inside the building, a DOA receptionist began taking down the posters, citing their "offensive" nature.

The mood remained hopeful despite yesterday's announcement from the Supreme Court legalizing Governor Walker's collective bargaining legislation. Schiavo reminded the crowd that in spite of recent setbacks, victory looms on the horizon for the Wisconsin workers' rights movement.

"People need to remember that this is a long fight, and that we've been successful already. We were able to hold that law for months. This is a long term struggle – the Walker agenda has been in the works for 30 years."