Stauber Debates Fake News on WBUR's "On Point"

I was a guest tonight on WBUR's nationwide call-in public radio program "On Point." You can hear the show online at the WBUR website. The topic was the Bush administration's quarter-billion dollar expenditure on PR and propaganda.

Last Sunday's New York Times article fueled a discussion which featured Loren Ghiglione, Dean of Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism (we agreed) and Stanley Zeitlin, a producer-distributor of fake news (we completely disagreed). Stanley was one of the VNR execs assuring his colleagues yesterday that this is a passing political flap. I, on the other hand, called the rampant twenty year use of fake news by TV stations the worst case of plagiarism in U.S. history.


Heh, interesting links. Propaganda gust starting... Email me for any questions. [ ReplicaMagazine]

I once toiled for the man and my experience with him is that he's completely unethical and would do anything for a buck. Crying povery, one time he fired staff a week before Christmas and at the same time donating an expensive ambulance to Israel! Not that he ever gave out a decent Christmas bonus, the cheapskate once gave out cheap pocket calculators for the Xmas bonus. Several broken ones (mine too) were deposited on his desk by disgusted employees. Then comes the case of the theatrical manager that came over to the company when another operation went belly up. Man was promised a job - he was in his late 60s/early 70s at the time. You guessed it, Stan fired him too. The old man was so broken in spirit that he died soon after. Then Zeitlin had the audacity to go to the funeral! If you ever see him again, ask him how he lost the Panasonic account and watch him squirm! I could go on for quite some time enumerating the shitty things he did to his employees, competitors and customers but you get the picture.