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  • Reply to: Kochs Bankroll Move to Rewrite the Constitution   10 months 6 days ago
    I see nothing wrong with a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. We need to get a grip on sending in this country. Eventually it all must be paid back.
  • Reply to: Koch Convention to Rewrite Constitution Runs Into Roadblocks   10 months 2 weeks ago
    Do you really want power such as that turned over to a bunch of corrupt localized institutions that don't listen to the same people in which they govern? Maybe (just maybe) LOOK at the larger context of what you are proposing - and further HOW IT AFFECTS YOU! If you do what you are proposing, you take away your own rights. Just a thought...
  • Reply to: Kochs Bankroll Move to Rewrite the Constitution   11 months 2 days ago
    Do you know of anyone on the left organizing grassroots pressure and/or possible amendments in the eventuality that such a convention does take place? We could address campaign financing, put voting protections in the constitution, shift the presidential vote to a weekend, finish abolishing slavery, restrict corporate rights...
  • Reply to: Who Is Behind the National Right to Work Committee and its Anti-Union Crusade?   11 months 1 week ago
    I guess we should have the right to stop paying taxes if we don't agree with the government leadership/ actions as well
  • Reply to: The ALEC Swampland   11 months 3 weeks ago
    It seems to me that ALEC is the one that needs to be watched out for. They represent the interests of the Oligarchy that feeds them money, not the interests of working Americans. Their goal to "drown the government" while feeding the Oligarchy on the backs of working Americans is treacherous in the least. Just look at laws that have been passed in various states pushed by ALEC owned legislators, these laws have not benefited the majority of people, just emboldened and lined the pockets of those legislators that helped to push them. ALEC is another cancer to our democracy!