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  • Reply to: Chain Reaction Letters   19 years 4 months ago
    In todays world so many things are run by fear and this sounds to me like another advertisment based in fear. Sort of like:"If your afraid of us you should be afraid of everything". They aren't really educating anyone at all. Most of us learned this type of stuff in gradeschool. just my thoughts.
  • Reply to: Some of the Facts About Wal-Mart   19 years 4 months ago
    In my blog, I analyze the misleading "half-of-the-story" statistics from Wal-Mart's propaganda web site. See (I would paste it here, but it looks awful without the formatting).
  • Reply to: PR Bloggers Missing in Action on Payola Scandal?   19 years 4 months ago
    I don't frequent blogs so much as politically left/progressive news-type websites like,, and, and these sites feature this scandal VERY prominently. I have written to my congressional representatives about it and to news website columnists like the New York Times and made a very big deal about it myself. I suspect the scandal may be the just the tip of an enormous viceberg. How many other journalists are secretly on the public payroll -- Robert Novak? The Swift Boat Liars on Kerry? This is perhaps but an expansion and a continuation of the Operation Mockingbird scandal documented on this website.
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    The BMO webpage was created by myself for a client who had an idea for a business and wanted a sample webpage created of some possible content to review. Indeed, the photos on the page were lifted entirely from MS Pub 98 as it was intended as just a rough first draft only and was never developed beyond that. The web page was hosted by MIS, but BMO never got off the ground as a business as far as I know and certainly was never a unit of MIS, which is strictly a news and information service. All of this could have easily have been determined by contacting the company via e-mail. Of course, it must be easier to just sit back and assume rather do any real research. The vailidty of the journalism and research regarding other entries on this web site must also similarly be questionable.
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    If you read through Professor Rosen's comments, you'd see that there are many more than just "a few mentions here and there."