M&I Bank Protest: Stop Bankrolling Attacks On Workers


M&I Bank Capitol Square Branch
1 West Main Street
Madison , WI
Event Details
Event Contact Name: 
Peter Rickman
Event Date: 
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 4:00pm to 7:00pm

Facebook event can be found here.
M&I Bank got a $1.7 billion bailout while working people get sold out. Their CEO got a golden parachute of $18 million only to turn around with his M&I Bankster cronies to be the largest contributors to Scott Walker's campaign.

Working people are fed up with big banks and the attacks on working families. We're not going to take it anymore.

We're drawing a line. We're drawing a line between bailouts of big banks like M&I and our broken economy. We're drawing a line between CEO pay and the right-wing political agenda of Scott Walker. And we're drawing a line in the sand.

Join with other working people in protesting M&I Bank, corporate power-grabs, and attacks on working families. Trade unionists, students, community allies and regular working folks are standing up to the corporations that keep on sticking it to workers.

We've got a simple message for M&I Bank:

Stop bankrolling the attacks on workers!